Chef Graciel Caces

Chef Marite Acosta

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Chef Joe Quintana






Chef Graciel Caces - Fried, Pan Fried, Boiled Dumplings

Chef Nick Malgieri - Chocolate Roll Cake

Chef Candy Argondizza - Fresh Pasta

Chef Marite Acosta - Hands-on Cookie Decorating

Chef Daisy Martinez - Chicken tinga tamales

Chef Olivier Palazzo - Fried chicken and pomme dauphine cheddar

Chef Joe Quintana - Tortilla Soup & Guacamole

Chef Mike Roberts - Meatball and Spaghetti dinner






Chef Danielle Alex - Mustard Seed Chicken with Indian Lentils and Cumin

Chef Jamie Tiampo - Allowed students to make demo videos on sandwich making

Chef Andrew Gold - Tilapia with

Chef Stephanie Teekarem - Babka Sticky Buns​

Chef Matt Hudson - Key Lime Pie with Sticky Toffee Pudding



Chef Nick Malgieri

Chef Daisy Martinez

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Chef Mike Roberts

Chef Olivier Palazzo

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Chef Danielle Alex

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Chef Candy Argondizza

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Visiting Chef Program




After School on Wednesdays throughout the school year, the students are visited by well known chefs and experts in the field for a demo and a cooking class. Chefs talk about their experiences learning to cook, their first jobs, and what led them to the success they have achieved.