ALL students will need to complete the nycdoe health screening every day when they come to the building.  
Use this link to complete the screening.  Students will have to login as guest, enter an email address and information, Select Food and Finance high School, enter floor one.  Then click next and answer the questions. You will need to show a green checkmark to enter the building! 

The First Day for students is September 13, 2021. We look forward to welcoming all students back to school.  Please see the 2021-2022 school year page for more information.

All students and families are encouraged to complete the clinic registration forms in order to receive full services from the ryan chelsea-Clinton school based health Center at the west 50th street campus

As NYC’s only culinary-focused public high school, Food and Finance High School provides a unique educational opportunity to students and families in the community.


Students learn the true reward of hard work, dependability and time management from a staff of acclaimed chefs, educators and business leaders that oversee their curriculum, field trips, and internships.

Preparation for higher-learning and the workforce is key to the ongoing success of our students. NYC comes together at Food and Finance High School to provide a rigorous and rewarding Regents Diploma and culinary curriculum for our students.

Food and Finance High School is supported by the Food Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works closely with our students to prepare and empower them to continue their education and cultivate personally meaningful careers. The Food Education Fund works to understand the students' barriers of success and develop additional programs to support their needs and dreams. Learn more about the Food Education Fund programs here.


We’re more than a school, we are a community. 

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Please view the links below for information and support to families.